Whether parishioner or visitor to St. William, may you find the peace of Christ and abundant blessings from our parish community. Please explore our website to see if St. William can become part of your faith journey. We look forward to meeting you!
Father Alejandro (Alex) Ayala is the pastor of St. William Church in Murphy and Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Hayesville, North Carolina.
*Worship This Week* 
Jun. 29 ~ Jul 05, 2015
Sister Parish: Immaculate Heart Of Mary Parish
1433 U.S. 64 Hayesville, NC 28904 IHM Map
Diocese of Charlotte News
Saint of the Day:

ST. William 9AM Communion Service
ST. William 9AM Mass
IHM 5PM Mass
ST.William 9AM Mass
IHM 12PM Mass ~St. William ~5PM Mass
IHM 4PM Mass~ ST.William 6PM Mass
IHM 9AM Mass~ST. William 11AM Mass

Marriage Help
Do you feel lost, alone, or bored in your marriage?  Retrouvaille can help, as it has helped thousands of
couples at all stages of disillusionment in their marriage.
For confidential information or to apply for the next
program beginning with a weekend September 25, 2015,
call 800-470-2230 or 434-793-0242, e-mail us at retrouvaillenc@msn.com, or visit the web site at
www.retrouvaille.org <http://www.retrouvaille.org>
Marriage Discovery
Like in the gospel today, sometimes our minds need to be
opened to know what God has done for us,
and what he wants for us in our marriage.
Jul 31-Aug 2, 2015 in Chapel Hill, NC. Early sign up is
highly recommended. For more information visit our
website at: http://NCMarriageDiscovery.org or contact us at
applications@NCMarriageDiscovery.org or 704-315-2144.
Will have their drawing for the Cheater Quilt and 5 Pillows
Saturday, July 4th, after the 6PM Mass
. Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. Please get your tickets
now to win this beautiful quilt hand crafted by Sally Grega.
Tickets will be sold after Mass this weekend, and are also
available in the Parish Office

Would like to learn how to achieve good health and feel better?

No matter your age or physical limitations, through proper
nutrition and simple exercise, it is attainable! Davie Mastifino
(our pianist and choir director at St. William) is a Master Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. He is offering a
FREE seminar July 14th at 10AM to Parishioners who want
Sign up sheets are on the Bulletin Board in the Commons

located in the Commons outside the Sacristy door.
Thank you to Fr. Alex and the Pastoral Council for their
input in allowing such a meaningful dedication to our Divine Mercy,
and a special thank you to Katie Lott who has inspired so
many to pray the Chaplet daily.
Contact :willweb@st-william.net
St.William Catholic Church
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 8am-2pm
St. William
of Vercelli
765 Andrews Rd. (PO Box 546) Murphy, NC 28906  (828) 837-2000
BEFORE MASS, Spend time speaking to God.   DURING MASS, Listen as God speaks to you.   AFTER MASS, Speak with friends & neighbors.